Recognize the major components of aerial photogrammetry and predict errors in photogrammetric procedures. Identify types of mapping products and classify uses. Compare perceptions of accuracy, & recognize techniques to improve map it.

Understand the role cameras play in image acquisition, and identify camera setting best practices. Identify features, parameters and procedures when flight planning. Prepare for and carry out a mission, while applying problem-solving techniques.

Perform a visual dataset inspection in order to predict any errors in the images collected. Process datasets. Prepare/ generate a mesh. Create a 2D & 3D output. Generate a measurable final product.

Advanced content will be added to the platform regularly that dives deeper into the topics already presented, and more.


Organizations with an internal drone program, needing their personnel trained – on demand

A novice, apprentice or one who has taken a course in drone mapping, but walked away unable to create a usable map or model

Those who are thinking about, or are knee deep in the process of, launching a UAS Mapping business


We have two plans. Both plans are for one year. With one option you pay the total amount up front, so you don’t have to worry about recurring payments or fees. We also have a monthly payment option that allows you to pay for the course in 12 easy payments.  

 The free membership will give you limit access to some of the tools and training from the paid course. It also allows you to get notifications when we have any special offers.

 Not at all. In fact, this course was made with the student in mind. We have created a simple to follow, step by step guide that will ensure your successful completion of the course.

Absolutely! We went to great lengths to make this course full of the information you need. We take the “No Fluff” approach to teaching. That means, we get straight to the point.