3D Modeling

3D modeling and photogrammetry is nothing new, however, the ability for anyone to do it is. It’s not easy and not anyone can create a useable model that is also to scale. Learn how it works by signing up for the course. You won’t regret it. 

Digital Elevation Model

The DEM is good for all kinds of measurements. They can be used to calculate volume, create contours, or even be color-coded to make it possible for a visual inspection. You can’t just fly the drone and expect to get an accurate elevation model. This is another area of drone mapping you will learn in our course. 


Think of an orthomosaic like google maps but on steroids.  The file size of a single image can be 2-4Gb in size because of the high resolution. In this course, we show you how to create a beautiful, accurate, and much smaller file size so your client can actually use it.